From April 12th our outdoor areas will be open

We will be open and serving food and drinks, please follow us on Facebook for any day-to-day updates.

The "rule of 6" will return or larger parties if they are from 2 households.


We will be open from 11.30am daily (weather dependent) and the kitchen will be open 12-3pm Mon-Thur and 12-6pm Fri-Sun.

A full company policy on pandemics, and risk assessment/policy on COVID-19 both in general and specific to the pub has been undertaken.


Staff Measures


All staff returning to work have completed a 'return to work questionnaire' to bring us up to date on their well-being and experience of lock-down thus far. They have also read the company policies and risk assessment as well as being offered the chance to suggest measures they would like to see implemented.

Each member of staff has their own diary in our back of house. Their temperature will be checked on arrival to the venue each day via contactless thermometer and recorded in their file. If the member of staff's temperature is recorded as 37.8c or higher, they will be sent home immediately to follow NHS guidelines regarding self-isolation and booking a Corona virus test.


All staff will be provided with adequate PPE. Your server will be wearing a face masks at all times (unless exempt.)


Staff both front and back of house will be using an anti-viral disinfectant on all stainless steel, hard surfaces, door handles, knobs and all toilets/public areas as part of a robust cleaning schedule throughout each day.


Staff both front and back of house will have ready access to hand santiser pump action bottles to fight the spread of any germs.

Staff will be working in "bubble rotas" where possible, this will mean they are working in the same team, where possible, to minimise the potential threat of an outbreak.


All staff will be expected to adhere to social distancing measures, where possible, whilst on duty.


On Arrival


You will be asked to respect social distancing whilst queuing outside the premises.


On arrival, there will be hand sanitiser by the front door on a movable plinth as well as a 500ml pump bottle which is accessible for wheelchair users. You will be asked to santise your hands on arrival.


Another hand sanitiser dispenser on a movable plinth will be positioned in the corridor to the toilets and again at the top of the steps down to the restaurant area.


Pre-booking is strongly advised for diners to guarantee entry.  You will be able pre-book via the booking page on this website, by clicking here or contacting us via email: , Phone: 0115 9741898, or via our Facebook page.


If you have the NHS app we will ask you to scan the QR scanner on arrival for "track and trace" - this is now a legal requirement. If you don't have the NHS app we offer our own in house "track and trace" and you will have to complete this - this MAY not be necessary if you have already entered these details when booking your table either by our online booking service. 

You must wear a mask when entering the premises, this includes going to the toilet.


On arrival you will be shown to your table and advised to download the GNG Club app where you can order your food/drinks directly to your table with secure payment. It is all nice and easy but staff will gladly talk you through this process.


Great Northern Group app - GNG Club, which will offer a user friendly experience for ordering food/drink to the table with secure payment whilst rewarding customers with points redeemable off future purchases as well as stamps/vouchers for continued loyalty (3% back on your purchases)


We will still be offering table service "the old fashioned way" for those who have run out of battery or perhaps don't own a device, or maybe have left it a home etc. But fundamentally the online ordering has been introduced to both enhance our service, reduce wait times, and on Government advice "reduce the need for too much interaction between staff and customers for those dining/drinking indoors"


Social Distancing


All tables/chairs will be separated at 1M+ distance.


Where possible, chairs will be side by side/back to back as per government advice.


The floor will be mapped out with zoning areas, vinyl floor stickers citing the 1M+ rule and a reminder to "respect social distancing" both front of house, in the beer garden, back of house and behind the bar.

"Please queue here" vinyl floor stickers will be present on the pavement outside, spaced 1M apart, to help respect social distancing while awaiting entry to the venue.


Table Service


We will be offering full table service at all times for the time being, as per government advice, there will be no ordering at the bar - this is why we strongly recommend using the mobile app to ensure quick, easy and secure payment and distribution of food/drink.


All cutlery has been removed from the tables and will be placed as and when is required by a member of staff wearing a mask/face shield and gloves.


Laminated menus will be in operation and will be sprayed and wiped with anti-bacterial spray between each use and there will no longer be sauces on the tables. These will continue to be offered in a ramekin as required and delivered to the table by a member of staff wearing a mask/face shield.


For all current advice on COVID-19 please visit the Government website here.

Or the NHS website here.

Thank you for your patience during this time